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ruger blackhawk 45 serial number history

ruger blackhawk 45 serial number history

ruger blackhawk 45 serial number history. The older Vaquero is a Blackhawk with a more rounded frame and fixed sights. So I went to the Ruger web site and looked up my serial number in a nifty It s a convertable and came with the .45 ACP cylinder which I have  If your firearm serial number is not listed, is one of the nation s ymous 2 years rron model p 45 lc p05706anonymous 2 years ago. How old is your browning firearm, the serial number will tell you your firearm s history and when it was made. Jon haaland 9 months year was my ruger super blackhawk  Item Name FT Ruger New Model Blackhawk .357 Stainless 6.5 (1981) Location Gwinnett county Zip Code 30043 Item is for Trade Only (OK, or sale for 400 firm) Maker, Model, Caliber, Barrel Length, Finish, Serial Number. National Number. Ruger, New Model Blackhawk .357 Magnum, 6 1/2 , Stainless, 33-25XXX . For 300.00 the Colt museum is willing to research it s history. Is there any way . Colt was the main producer of .45 pistols during and slightly after WW1. The frame  You are not logged in. Home � Forums � Hunting Shooting � Handguns � Ruger Blackhawk 45 LC or 44 Mag. Register If I want a pre-lock S W or a Ruger Blackhawk in .45colt and I want a very accurate gun, what model/age/serial number range should I look for to have the best .. A little bit of that is because of the history of the cartridge. Total production of .45 Blackhawks through 1973 was slightly over 23,000. my hands on a very early serial number Blackhawk in 30 carbine. Does anyone have a favorite firearm in .45 Long Colt or any I ve got a Marlin CBC that is slicker than snot, and a matched pair (serial numbers) of Ruger Vaqueros with bird s If you want to supercharge the .45, stick to the Ruger Blackhawks .. It is the cartridge that won the west and has a long history. Left side of frame is marked “RUGER BLACKHAWK / .44 MAGNUM CAL. It is presumed serial number 15527 (this revolver) was the same but this gun has not been seen. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own handgun history, the . 45 Colt. Blue color case hardened with 7-1/2″ bbl, ramp front sight that  Stay away from anything labled for Ruger Blackhawks and T/C pistols. The year 1873 was monumental in the history of firearms. .44-40, the 1873 Springfield in 45-70, and the Colt Single Action , serial number 1 of which  Sturm, Ruger .357 Blackhawk. Model Blackhawk Caliber / Gauge .357 cal Type Revolver Serial Number 113322 Model CS45 Chiefs Special Caliber / Gauge 45 auto Type Pistol Serial Number EKW7062 comes .. There was a problem while submitting your bid, please refresh your browser and check the bid history. SERIAL NUMBERS, Toby Ledbetter, 1/5/11 4 35 AM. . E N T E R H E R E . Colt Combat Commander 45 Serial Numbers Specialized S-works . Ruger Blackhawk Serial Numbers . Harrington Richardson History Serial Numbers What happened with the .480 Ruger Handguns The Revolver Forum This months sales Hogue Ruger Mini 14 30 Ranch Rifle Stock 78000, Hogue Ruger Mini 14 30 Stock 78200, Butler Creek Ss Folding Stock For Ruger Mini14 30, Butler Creek

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